Thursday, August 26, 2010


Subway train line along side Via G. Giolitti


  1. The known and the not so known: all here to delight us. Grazie, cara.

  2. Great shot! Didn't realize the subway system had an above ground component, Toronto has that too.

  3. I rarely use the subway in Rome. I feel I'll be missing on the beautiful scenery up above.

  4. Rosaria~ Grazie Maestra, sei un angelo!
    Toemailer~ Only in a few areas of town, otherwise underground. There are only 2-3 subway lines, as they dig new tunnels workers keep bumping into archeological finds!
    Loree~ I hardly ever take it myself, but for claustrophobia reasons!


  5. In our last visit we took the subway once in a week. Not very practical for tourists, may be it's better for locals. In Rome it's so nice to walk anyway...

  6. When in Rome I took subway train, I like it very much. Because it's like a gentleman young at heart, polite and inviting. Weird but true, I rarely use it in my town Ist'l, but mischievous ferries;)

    Have a nice day, Lola, with ♥

  7. Wonderful, wonderful Roma! One of my favorites. I celebrate a great birthday there with my children. I love almost everything there and so does my children too. Can´t wait to back:)
    Have a nice weekend!

  8. It's good for the lines it follows, but walking in Rome is fun. Is this the same one that runs along via Arenula? Hm, that's a different system, isn't it...?

  9. The subway was good for going to certain places. I liked the tram on via Arenula, though I didn't ride it.

    It is a great photo. The lines and lines and lines and rectangles. For some reason, it's full of tension.

  10. Glad that scooter is on the other side of the fence and not on the track!

  11. VP~ I hardly ever take it too. It's not practical for locals either!
    Nihal~ Thank you for your sweet visit, friend.
    Hero~ Thank you! Come back soon!!
    Jeff~ The Arenula one is a different route and system. This goes underground too. The Arenula only above ground.
    ChuckP~ He, he I knew you'd say that!! :D

  12. You live in a amazing city. I will visit your photoblog always.



    [Barcelona Daily Photo]

  13. Valery– Grazie!! Please come visit when you want, I love your photography!!

  14. Wonderful capture. I love the way the train just comes into the photo.

  15. Eleonora, I worry about you when your photo is a week old!

  16. Randy~ I'm happy you and I both like that "piece" of the train.
    Jeff~ Crazy busy!!

  17. And thanks to Jessica of RomePhotoBlog here's a link explaining this train's itinerary!


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