Saturday, August 14, 2010

toscana {4}


My son and I feed these "maiali" most of our organic leftovers and kitchen waste. They live on the farm with us here, and honestly don't smell that bad. The caked mud and the air surrounding their fenced area smells mostly of curry, oddly enough.

My little boy E. loves partaking in the daily chore, even though he's a little bit scared by their vehemence. Pigs can be quite rowdy around dinnertime.
I wonder what makes the whole animal feeding thing so attractive to children. My son likes seeing the swines root the trough clean, slurping up potato peels, watermelon rinds, bits of stale bread and tomato juice. He stands there–mesmerized–at their loud snorting and chewing sounds, and shrieks back at them, calling the large female and the 2 younger males with VIP names like Miss Piggy, Babe and Porky Pig.

We usually go do this late in the afternoon, when the sunlight grazes the horizon and the lazy song of cicadas accompanies us along the sloped olive grove. The atmosphere is idyllic, peaceful and pastoral.

But all I can think of is... prosciutto.


  1. Ah, yes, we'll do anything to get the best prosciutto. Greetings from Oregon, where the best of show pig in Coos County cost $300 as a piglet, and fed no kitchen waste whatsoever. It was auctioned off for $3,000. Some Pig!

  2. Ah, yes, we'll do anything to get the best prosciutto. Greetings from Oregon, where the best of show pig in Coos County cost $300 as a piglet, and fed no kitchen waste whatsoever. It was auctioned off for $3,000. Some Pig!

  3. That is SO cute... Three little oinkers...

  4. oh no--I will think twice now when I partake in prosciutto--such lovely faces...c

  5. It is the 3 Little Pigs and Animal Farm rolled into one. What's not to like? Have a super weekend!

  6. Don't let them know you are thinking about prosciutto. You might get them thinking!

  7. They look very happy and well looked after. How can something so dirty taste so good?

  8. Cute, my son would enjoy this also, and yes probably be a bit scared too.

  9. Not difficult to raise a family.They can eat almost anything, and they never have likes and dislikes.

  10. Ha, a surprise ending to your post!

    Your son is right, there is nothing quite like pigs.

    You know Heifer International? A great organization that gives livestock and training to the poor.
    I worked in Livestock at Heifer Ranch, Arkansas. The haywagon tours would around and the guides would love to say, "And here is our volunteer from Israel feeding the pigs and cleaning the pigpen."

  11. A nice picture and story which reminds me of when my son was a kid.
    Like you, my only thought now is: prosciutto!

  12. they are so cute!
    i too lived with pigs as a child and today i rarely eat pork ;)

  13. ps... i didn't know that you lived on a farm - for some reason i thought that you lived in an apartment.

  14. What a fantastic post - full of life and humor. Great image of E and the piggies. I find that feed frenzy mesmerizing too. Maybe it's some primal recessive feeding gene..?

    Greetings from Carmel!

  15. Rosaria~ Anything worth 3 grand has GOT to taste heavenly! ;)
    Donald~ Not that little... the female weighs 70kg!
    CM~ So tasty, though. Sorry!
    Tracy~ Thank you, you too!
    Jeff~ They'd never hurt me, because I think they saw a resemblance.
    Gogouci~ My thoughts exactly!
    T. Becque~ Fierce piggies...
    Costas~ I saw that!!
    Dina~ Heifer sounds interesting. How long did you volunteer there?
    VP~ He he he...
    Robyn~ I do live in an apartment in Rome, despite all the hard work, this is VACATION in Tuscany!!
    LD~ there's got to be something primeval, I agree!

  16. Those 3 pigs should have their own reality show. They look a lot more engaging than Paris Hilton.

  17. Aww now I'll think of your little piggies when I eat prosciutto and feel bad. :(

    They are so cute!!

  18. Superali~ Ha ha ha... they even have a higher IQ!

    Passage to Italy~ Fortunately those are not my pigs, they belong to the farm where I go on vacation. And you should NEVER feel bad when eating prosciutto...ever! :)


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