Wednesday, August 11, 2010

toscana {3}

sunset - a storm is brewing...
...morning surprise!

After the nighttime rainstorm, we woke to a gorgeous sunny day and a beautiful half rainbow. Can you see it, arching gracefully from behind the hill?


  1. I do see it now that you pointed it out. I like both skies!

  2. What beautiful photos. Love the sky contrasts. Have a lovely day!

  3. Toscana is always beautiful. Either in good or bad weather.

  4. Great photo! It's so hard to catch a rainbow.

  5. I'm guessing this is the view you wake to and parla buona notte? Lovely!

    I see that there will be a Food Blogger's conference in Seattle later this month. Are you attending?

  6. clouds are like the women, come and go on our lives, but when the love come it's forever there, like the mountain.

  7. Tracy~ thank you!
    Rosaria~ I am, yes. Every night pullovers and jumpers appear after dinner.
    J Bar~ grazie
    Randy~ thank you so much!
    Costas~ Exactly. Even menacing clouds are becoming...
    Paul~ Merci!
    Jeff~ I didn't think so, but now I see that it is!
    ChuckP~ it is indeed my view. Unfortunately I'm afraid 6 months of unpaid vacation will hinder a trip overseas... :(
    Pedro~ you are a poet!

  8. I wish the storms would move further south. We need some rain to clean things up a bit.


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