Monday, August 16, 2010

toscana {5}


Every summer, we harvest crates and crates of vine-ripened tomatoes picked fresh from the vegetable garden. And we make so much pommarola–canned tomato sauce–to last us a whole year. We actually still have lots leftover from last summer...

You can read more about this labor intensive yearly task (and step-by-step recipe) in this post

In the meantime, Buon Ferragosto!


  1. Nice winter supply!! The flavors live on!!

  2. When I was a child many Italian families would do this here too...

    Yum! and fond memories for me too.


  3. Well that photo just takes my breath away!

  4. Send some here if you can't use it all! My wife grew up on a farm and knows how to can vegetables but we have no where to grow them. The shot shows off the fruit of your labors perfectly.

  5. Hey, Eleonora, I might make it back to Rome in 2011: save some sauce for me!

  6. A lovely take on a familiar site in Italy at this time of year. I hope your Ferragosto weekend was as much fun as ours.

  7. Hora de hacer las conservas...muy buena fotografĂ­a, un abrazo.

  8. Oh, yum! I am hungry for some pasta now even though it is A.M. The fresh tomatoes must help make the pasta sauce divine.

  9. That pmmarola looks delicious. It reminds me of when I was a child and my mother would buy cheap crates of tomatoes to make her own sauce. Quite a time consuming process but it was better than the store bought stuff.

  10. CChuck~ it does indeed, literally on and on and on...
    Robyn~ I love that this small scale tradition has traveled across nations and oceans!
    Roseann~ I'm sure this strikes close to home for you, right? ;)
    Bob~ Thanks, It's a little soft, but I was sooo tired!
    Jeff~ We can make some together!
    Lindy~ Ferragosto was great, glad you enjoyed yours!
    Catarina~ Gracias! Besos.
    Tracy~ They do, it tastes so much better than the store-bought kind!
    Loree~ Definitely. You should keep the family tradition alive!

    Ciao a tutti, thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment!!

  11. My mouth is watering -- looks SO good!

  12. Donald~ It is indeed so good, that I wish I could include smells and flavors in this post...

  13. We did this so many times in the past when many of our old folks were still around. Now the actual old folks are much more lazy than them and without a handy country house for the job...

  14. VP~ I know what you mean, every year I get a little lazier, and the job feels a little bit harder... ;)

  15. That looks amazing! Just some bread and sauce for me!

  16. Mitico Pommarola! A couple of years ago I stayed at the Agricol Rubiano in Tuscany and the old lady in the kitchen cooked us fried eggs, floating in oil and her pommarola for brunch on a cold wet miserable Ferragosto. What a treat!

  17. Randy~ mmm sopping up the sauce with bread is the best!
    Superali~ That's "Uova al Pomodoro" which is an amazing, simple and delicious peasant dish! I love it too!


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