Wednesday, December 23, 2009

baci al tramonto

Terrazza del Pincio

With a lovely sunset and such a stunning view, it's only natural for lovers to cling to each other in this place. The vast terrace on the Pincio hill is one of Rome's favorite and therefore busiest kissing locations. Second to it are the lush orchards just behind it which are laid out with narrow graveled viali (avenues) carved through densely wooded groves.

Simply called "il Pincio," the Piazza Napoleone is a grand open space that looks out over the overwhelming Piazza del Popolo, and provides views to the west, and of the skyline beyond. Piazza Napoleone and the Piazza del Popolo below are linked with formal staircases broken by generous landings, fountains and a switchback paved road.


  1. Looks like you captured a moment. What a great spot and photo!

  2. Nicely captured, Eleonora! But I guess these two only had eyes for each other and never noticed you taking their picture. Am really enjoying your blog—well photographed AND well-written!

  3. Il Pincio sounds so roman and roman-tic! I love this place, I remember being there one evening many years ago...many many...


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