Thursday, January 7, 2010


Snail mail, graffiti & espresso machines

Trastevere is one of Rome's most popular neighborhoods. It is a place of winsome contradictions, social strata and strong local identity. Everything about Trastevere contributes to its charm. The unique character of this neighborhood has attracted all kinds of artists, foreign expats, students and travelers. Trastevere's Medieval architecture and the snaking, narrow and irregular cobbled streets weave an intricate web on the map, but purposely losing one's direction is the best way to discover places one might never find otherwise.
I have often dreamt of moving to Trastevere.


  1. Great foto! You collected a lot of interesting images all in one picture!

  2. Even with the graffiti I still love my old neighborhood Trastevere.

  3. Love the sweet nativity in the previous post.

    We had dinner in Trastevere, at a dinner house with musical numbers. What I remember of the evening is not the food, or the music, but the walk to get to the place, among cobblestoned alleys, through porticos, underground, in and out of buildings. I could never find the place again.

  4. Colorful everyday views made into a great composition. Love it!

  5. Love the assortment of coffee makers in the shop window!

  6. We can't seem to escape graffiti anywhere!
    «Louis» didn't know the Bialetti espresso makers were sold in so many varieties - usually all that we find in the U.S. are the basic metal ones.

  7. da igual desde donde la mires, Roma siempre tiene su encanto...un saludo de una amante de Roma.

  8. I think I remember the neighborhood from an Anne Rivers Siddons novel Hill Towns.

    Wonderful photo showing the diversity and the down-to-earth quality of the neighborhood.

    I told my friend at work, Reza, about your blog and that you post restaurants and food. He worked & lived in Naples for a couple of years and makes it to Italy & Rome every few years and asked if you can recommend a few restaurants in Rome.

  9. Thank you friends for stopping by for your daily Rome fix.

    Rosaria~ All you need to do is come here and I'll guide you there. I have special skills in that field :)
    Sallymandy~ Layers of life...Gald you liked it, friend.
    ChuckP~ Lots of stuff there!
    Louis~ We take our coffee very seriously here, design and all!
    Catarina~ ììMuchas gracias!!
    Tash~ welcome! So happy you like the photos. As far as restaurants in Rome... have your friend email me italiainbocca{at}gmail{dot}com and we can discuss it. I need some info: price range, type of cuisine (local, regional, traditional, nouvelle...ugh) etc.

  10. Leif & CCLinda~ sorry you slipped off my list for some reason...
    CCL~ I'm happy this stirs memories.
    LH~ Chaos and color is what Trastevere is all about.

  11. This is the shop for me:)
    I love coffee!


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