Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Fiat 500, the original

This rusty and battered old Fiat 500 has been parked in the same spot for years. I walk by it every day. I have noticed the interior upholstering is well-cared for and frequently dusted. The flyers and ads planted under the windshield wipers get cleared off every so often. It is not an abandoned car. I'm curious of its story.


  1. Nice! I love these old cinquecento!

  2. What an awesome gem of an old car! Lots of history and character I guess! Ciao Roma!

  3. You have to discover something more about this car... We have some still around here but these are all repainted and in good order.

  4. Wow what a beautiful photograph. Maybe someone famous drove this car, thats what I would like to think.

  5. Is this parked by the Galleria Colonna and Santissimi Apostolii? If so, I think I walked by it myself on my last visit there.

  6. Looking at the back of this car I suppose it has many stories to tell about :-)

  7. Thank you all for your thoughts.

    Rob&Mandy~ I know I love them too. Did you know they were elected "sexiest car" of the century? Not kidding
    Leif~ Definitely! Ciao
    Vogon Poet~ I'll get my Sherlock suit out and find out more.
    Randy~ Wouldn't that be great?
    Dan~ Sorry, it's in a totally different neighborhood. But perhaps... it moved!
    Irina~ I'm sure it does, yes!

  8. I am curious too... you may try to find out more about this car!
    I love 500's...

  9. Interesting photos of Rome. I particularly like the Candy Store! When I visited Rome for the one and only time it poured with rain and it was bitterly cold. So we got in the train and shot off to Lugano, where Spring had arrived!

  10. In the Italian "North Beach" area of San Francisco is a well-preserved 500, painted in the colors of the Italian flag and used as a daily driver.

  11. Grazie for taking the time to leave me a comment!
    Valeria~ So do I, I have been photographing these long before I began blogging!
    Ken Mac~ Thank you! I'm glad you enjoy it.
    Rinkly Rimes~ What a shame, Rome in the sun is so much better! You should give it a second chance...
    Louis la Vache~ I didn't know SF had an Italian quartier. I once saw a 500 driving down Sunset Blvd in Hollywood, it was swamped by limos and SUVs... it looked like a toy car!

    Ciao friends, come back soon.

  12. Eleonora, wonderfully composed image. The light you had to work with and how you've exposed and framed give this some remarkable stopping power. Very nice!

    Thanks for your visit. I'm glad you like my wacky sense of humor.

    Buon anno a tè

  13. Chuck P~ I must have missed you in the above comment. Thank you! I'm so glad I started this photoblog, it has given me great opportunities to express myself. Have you visited my cooking blog? :) That's another place where I let my heart sing...

    Happy new decade!
    Aglio, Olio & Peperoncino

  14. Great shot! I really like the exposure and available light. I think I can see buildings in the reflection of the pitted paint. I used to collect Vespas in the early 80s. My buddies and I would find classics with similar paint conditions as the Fiat above, fix them up and sell them. I still own my Vespa and take it out for a spin down Colorado Blvd., along the Rose Parade route. Now all I need is a "ROMA" license plate to make the experience complete!

  15. JT~ I have a thing for Vespas and 500s, especially old and "lived" ones. I love the idea of a Vespa riding around a California road. Thanks for your words! Ciao


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