Thursday, December 31, 2009


Tiber River at Ponte Regina Margherita

The Tiber was once known for its floods—the Campo Marzio, for example, is a flood plain and would regularly overflow to a depth of several yards. The river is now confined between high stone embankments which were begun in 1876. Within the city, the riverbanks are lined by boulevards known as lungoteveri, streets "along the Tiber."
I like to take long walks along the lungoteveri, sheltered by the sycamore trees. Today the sun is shining again.


  1. You luck one, the sun is shining. Here it is cold and grey but nevertheless its the last day of the year. So a very happy new year from Germany Myriam

  2. Hello Eleonora,
    Wonderful photos you shot. I was in Rome in 1962 and have been there a few more times since. I remember I many years ago rented i Fiat 500 (your photo a few days ago), but it was not so easy to get my 1.90 meter in it...
    Happy 2010,

  3. Thanks for taking the time to strop by and leave your comment.
    Myriam~ Happy new year to you, hopefully a sunnier one than the past one!
    Jørgen~ Thank you! 1.90 meters in a 500 is ambitious! Come back to Rome soon, if not physically, at least every day through my photos.

    Happy new year everyone!

  4. It's raining here, so allow me a bit of envy...

    Have a Happy New Year!

  5. Happy New Year and all the best! Lucky you to see this wonderful city every day!

  6. Buon anno nuova, felicita e salute! E anche soldi! Catalano: bon any!

  7. Io ti faccio i miei piu' sinceri auguri perche' il Nuovo Anno sia pieno di serenita' e di belle notizie per te e la tua famiglia, cara Eleonora. Si, un grande Si, che amo il tuo blog nuovo di questo.

  8. As I haven't been to Rome, this is an such an exciting photo journey for me.


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