Friday, December 18, 2009

il laghetto delle papere

Giardino del Lago in the Villa Borghese gardens

Villa Borghese is one of Rome's prettiest public parks. Scattered among its 80 hectares are a recently remodeled zoo with minimal caging, a small movie theater for children, a merry-go-round, several caf├Ęs, a replica of Startaford-upon-Avon's Globe Theater, a train, 5 museums, 2 secret gardens, myriad fountains, an underground parking lot, a playground and an indoor children's activity center, several monuments and statues, a puppet theater, trees and plants of every kind, a dog-adoption center, a water-operated clock, 3 bicycle rentals, and a wonderful little lake where ducks, geese, gulls and swans like to swim. The rowboat rental is just beyond the willow to the left.

My son and I come feed the ducks here every Sunday. Today it was very quiet, only young couples kissing on park benches and teenagers dodging school.


  1. I feel I might wander in and never find a reason to leave!

  2. What a lovely park. Europe has gorgeous parks and they are all so well maintained. I feel pampered when I visit them.

  3. Brava Eleonora, welcome to the CDP! A really nice start, indeed. This is
    such a lovely spot of Rome and yet a few know it (except the romans, of course...). So you go to feed the ducks?! This reminds me of one of Nick Hornby's books, About a Boy (a film was also made out of this novel)...

  4. Dear Lola !! Sorry to visit you after a long time but now i will come regularly !! This post is beautiful and fantastic !! I like the shadow !!

  5. I always go to Villa Borghese when I'm lucky enough to visit Rome—but I had no idea it has all those things going on there!

  6. It sounds like an absolutely wonderful park with something for everyone. I think I will choose the quieter spots, like here. Beautiful!

    Welcome to the CDP community!

  7. Thank you everyone for the warm response and the lovely comments!

    Louciao~ My thoughts exactly!
    Sam~ We locals feel the same way too!
    Valeria~ I haven't seen the film, but many have encouraged me to...
    Bharat~ I know, the duck's shadow is grat, a lucky capture!
    Alexa~ It's truly a wonderful place.
    Hilda~ This spot is a must for quiet-lovers!

  8. Villa Borghese... An absolutely amazing quiet park where to go for walking (and feeding ducks of course)


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