Sunday, December 27, 2009

domenica al parco

Cappuccino time

The lovely little 1920's chalet across from the Bilotti Museum in Villa Borghese was recently renovated and turned into a café. After a leisurely stroll, ritual duck-feeding or a bicycle ride, a brief stop here for a mid-morning snack constitutes a typical Roman Sunday must.

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  1. Wonderful image! I love this area. I visited Rome a couple of years ago and will be returning in June. I will make sure I stop by here!

  2. Would it be rude for me to sit there for half the day? What a perfect spot to sit and chat.

  3. Oh!!!!!!!!!
    You do know that you and I are at the opposite end of civilization. You can show all the beauty and possibilities of what man has created. I can show all the beauty and possibilities of what exists without man. I love your stuff, wished to be there quite often.

    But, I'm happy there are unspoiled places too.

    Grazie per la visita.
    Buona Domenica, cara amica.

  4. Quite convincing, if the weather is good!

  5. First feed the ducks and then your face.

  6. Beautiful! As far as I'm concerned you can post late anytime you like. Gorgeous photograph.

  7. Beautiful photos remind me of my much too short visit in 2008.

    So many thanks for sharing!



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