Tuesday, December 22, 2009

pioggia in piazza

Piazza Navona holiday season market

Every year come December, the city takes out her Christmas decorations and showcases the best ones–along with street artists, jugglers, artisans and candy vendors–in one of Rome's most famous tourist sites, the Piazza Navona.
Wandering about the stalls overflowing with colors, one feels transported back in time, to the small town traditions of county fairs. The period carousel, thousands of flickering lights, cotton candy spinning in a tub, toys hanging on hooks, tree ornaments and nativity scene figurines on sale on the counters of tiny, overcrowded stalls.

Today a warm rain drizzled on Rome, and there were few people around the Piazza. Usually at this time of year, the Christmas market is more crowded than a soccer stadium. Not today.

The market of Piazza Navona is open every day until 9 pm from December 1st to the Epiphany, January 6th. The fair ends with the traditional Roman Befana arriving on her broomstick to hand out coal for the naughty and candy for the nice.


  1. Welcome to the CDP blog community! I like your daily photos so far! Keep up the good work! Christmas regards from EAGAN daily photo in MInnesota, USA

  2. I am one who only wants to spend Christmas at home but if I did go elsewhere it would be in Italy. Coming from the Vancouver area the rain wouldn't even bother me.

  3. I learn so much from your writing...you're my english-writing-inspiration.
    ...perhaps I'd already told you...
    I'd love to be there and hear the people speaking...miss it...

  4. I'm so happy you stopped by! Thank you!!

    Leif~ Happy holidays to you too, I'll be over to visit your site next. Grazie!
    LoriE~ I met one of my readers for coffee yesterday. She's from New Jersey and couldn't understand why I kept complaining about the cold!
    Valeria~ There's only one thing to do, then... vieni qui!


  5. Uh I love these stalls. Actually there are everywhere but in Piazza Navona I feel they're special, isn't it?

  6. Eleonora, your street shots are wonderful. My husband is a street photographer. if you check my blog go to the Rick Waldroup link on the right and click and chec out his photo's. Thanks Kathy. Keep up the good work!!


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