Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Female mallards gossipping

The surface of the pond looks oleaginous, yet very reflective. I played with desaturation here, but the monochrome hues of the birds helped to obtain this aged look.

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  1. hehe! that's one way of viewing it!!!
    thanks for the visit to my blog!
    Gena @ thinking aloud (a photoblog)

  2. I also like the bits of tails leaving the photo, esp the one on the right. Isn't it funny how we see different portions that please us?

  3. It's very pretty! I wonder what the gossip is about.

  4. It must be a good day for them. ;-)


  5. Thanks for visit my blog!
    This is a very nice shot and reflection!:-)

  6. Do you suppose they're discussing the meaning of "oleaginous"? Are they wondering why they must swim in water that looks oily and greasy?

  7. Nice shot. Are they gossiping about you?

  8. They almost make the water look warm...almost.

  9. When ducks make that clucking throaty sound and scuttle their fat tails they make me think of church ladies* shaking their heads at a tall blonde in heels and short skirt that has just walked by.

    Geena~ thank you for returning the visit.
    Tash~ I can't believe it, that tail is my favorite part of the photo...
    Lois~ thank you!
    Paz~ I think it was, yes ;)
    Spidermama~ I'm happy you like it!
    ChuckP~ funny because the water in this pond is crystal clear. Did I go over the top with "oleaginous?"
    Rob&Mandy~ thanks!
    LoriE~ ...almost! It's frrreezing.

    PS: I had to correct the caption, because all the ducks save for 3 maybe... are males!! No one spotted that?

  10. Yes, I see the males. I think they're checking the females out! Nice shot and thanks for the visit to my watery post! I'll follow you through Rome!

  11. Beautiful picture. How nice that they gossip. There must be much to gossip about in their world as well.

  12. Wow, this blog has progressed quite a lot. I was tripping in many of these beautiful pics!

    My visit is though interested. I need your creativity at my blog. I have started a licentious game, weird but fun.

    My reward for your stopping and checking over at MoR's will be our next drink together [*urgh she thought*], any time place you want.

    Ciao ;-)

  13. She said "I know that rumor is true because I started it myself!"


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