Sunday, January 17, 2010

uve e forme


I love this place. The winelist by the counter, where patrons can savor the delicious samples of vegetarian dishes, specialty cheeses and fine vintage wines, is chalked on an old control-tower air traffic board. The staff is very kind and the food is delightful. But the best part of this meal was the company, my kindergarten teacher of 40 years ago. Thank you, Internet!

Unknown Mami

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  1. relajación de las Naciones Unidas para el ajetreado día ... párrafos, tomas un vinito ya continuar ... apatecible lugar ... un saludo

  2. Ci vado ogni tanto in pausa pranzo. Buono.

  3. I have never been there, but I would like to try some Brunello! Thanks for another glimpse of Rome!

  4. Si tratta di un piccolo mondo, non è vero?

  5. Thanks for joining Sundays In My City. Your photos are gorgeous.

    So glad you got to share this lovely place with one of your teachers! That's very cool.

    Happy Sunday,

  6. A lovely place for a quick taste. Did your kindergarten teacher remenber you?

  7. How wonderful is that? To have a reunion with a Kindergarten teacher. I only know mine through photographs. That looks like a wonderful type of wine bar. I like wine, I like dips, I like cheese. Must be my kind of place.

  8. Spill the beans, Eleonora. What's the name of this charming place and where in Rome do we find it?

  9. Your photos are gorgeous as always. My mouth is watering at the thought of delicious cheese with some wine.

  10. These are making me very thirsty!!!

  11. wow! very nice! I would love to go there!

  12. Oh how fun to have a meal with your old teacher! That's amazing!

  13. Thank you | Grazie
    Catarina~ I didn't know you worked for UN!
    Steffe~ I'm glad I caught the atmosphere, it's very pleasant.
    Enrico~ Allora lavori in zona, siamo vicini.
    C Chuck~ There's even better wines than Brunello!
    ChuckP~ Davvero! Small indeed.
    Joanna~ I participated this summer when I was still signing posts as Lola. It's good to be back!
    Rosaria~ Of course. My grandfather had spoken at my "graduation", she still had pictures... sweet.
    Julie~ It's a great place, as you see businessmen come here during lunch break, but it's very informal and relaxed.
    Carolyn~ In the opening sentence, if you click on the highlighted words "this place" it'sll link you to the website. The name is in the title.
    Unknown Mami~ It's my kinda place, I could live on that alone.
    Gogouci~ Arent'they? I know me too...
    TOlga~ You should! It's fun.
    Erin~ There's so much to catch up!


  14. Eleonora,
    ci vengo, ci vengo ora! :-)

    I need to get to Italy asap!
    Either Venice in a few weeks or Rome later in the year,
    a tough decision. ;-)

  15. Merisi~ BOTH: delay Venice and anticipate Rome, no? Ti aspetto a braccia aperte!

  16. Absolutely LOVE that second photo... Nice set and great mood... Wish I was there...

  17. That is my world, Eleonora! Wines...wines...and wines. I work in the wine world which is marvellous! Castles, farmhouses, aristocracy, farmers...all working together to make these wonderful products!

  18. That's my world, Eleonora. I am actively working in the wonderful world of wines. Castles, farmhouses and wine-cellars. Aristocracy, farmers and many others working together to create these magnificent "pieces of art". And then this type of wine-tasting premises! Fantastico!

  19. Ah! It looks like a splendid place. What a pleasure it must have been to see your teacher again after so long a time!

  20. Donald~ That's my favorite one too...
    Diederick~ A wine expert! What a pleasant surprise! You must teach me, I'm still learning.
    Louis~ It is indeed, and seeing my teacher, now friend was wonderful.

  21. Looks like a wonderful place for lunch with a former teacher! I love the ambiance! Ciao Eleonora!


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