Saturday, January 9, 2010


reflections in the mud

It has been raining so much that the river Tiber has reached alert levels. When the water exceeds the containing walls, substantial areas of the city become vulnerable to the river's occasional transgressions.
Last year around the holiday season, Rome feared the Tiber would burst its banks after days of rain and thunderstorms. The mayor declared a state of emergency after severe storms flooded underpasses, disrupted train and flight services and killed one person.
Hopefully this year this won't happen.


  1. Mud is an unlikely source for what turned out to be such a beautiful image! «Louis» had to look again to see that, in fact, the reflection is in a pool of water in the mud! ;-)

  2. I am very familiar with those kinds of warnings. A few years back we were waiting for our local river to burst through our dikes. We were lucky it didn't.
    Our cabin is also on a river bank behind a dike. You can't control Mother Nature.

  3. Just found your blog. I will be back to visit again. I love the contrast of the delicate tree and elegant ironwork with the mud around the puddle - well seen.

  4. Amazing how beautiful mud can be in right hands.

  5. I hope it won't get to flooding stage - that would be terrible. You make even Roman mud look good. Lovely photo.

    There was a series I watched following the lives of 2 brothers - and during one segment they showed the horrible flooding in Florance in the '70s I think.

  6. Ciao! It hasn't stopped raining all day... Must check the latest river bulletin. In the meantime I want to thank you all for your lovely comments.

    Louis~ Yep! Glad you looked twice. Ciao
    LoriE~ You certainly can't, no. Keep fingers crossed.
    Jennyfreckles~ Thank you for visiting, come back soon!
    Irina~ Thank you, you are too kind.
    Tash~ Thanx for the kudos. The series you saw was actually a 2-part feature film called La Meglio Giovent├╣ (the Best of Youth). I loved it! My mom was pregnant with me when she went to Florence to provide flood relief, just like the kids in the film.

  7. That reflection demonstrates the beauty of shape and form!

  8. Oh, I remember the emergency in Rome last year, quite frightening...
    Lovely capture, Ele! Buona domenica, carissima!

  9. L-o-v-e this blog. Girl, you are so talented!

  10. Ugh! Dangerous situation. Get the camera. Stay safe and high. Hope it will all pass without casualties.

  11. A lovely image today, but I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. Flooding is very messy!

  12. Grazie folks for your ongoing comments and kudos!

    ChuckC~ Thank you!
    Valeria~ E anche a te, amica mia.
    Kim~ Look who's talking!
    Rosaria~ The sun is shining today!
    ChuckP~ Very messy indeed!

  13. I love this photo. Yes, hopefully, this year you won't have any problems.



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