Sunday, January 3, 2010


Sunday brunch

our table was number 93

The brunch buffet at this popular Roman hangout is always a busy one. You pile your plate with all sorts of goodies, and then it gets weighed. You pay according to how much you serve yourself, and coffee & juice are included in the price. In the evenings, the place turns into a aperitivo bar/restaurant and groups play live music.

Unknown Mami

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  1. What's the name of this popular Roman restaurant Lola?

  2. I'm lined up right back there, ready to pile my dish up high.

    Now, tell us what choices we have.

  3. Hi there,
    that sound like enjoying sunday. Have a great day and a wonderful week Regards Myriam

  4. Thank you all for stopping by for a bite...
    Nihal~ the name is in the title...
    Rosaria~ fares span cultures and customs, from pancakes to taboulleh–ricotta to roast beef.
    Myriam~ It was! Same to you, dear. Ciao

  5. That sounds like the perfect place for a Sunday Brunch. Beautiful photos too.

  6. I thought smorgasbords like this were typically American. Have you found restaurants like Gusto in other parts of Italy? I do like the concept of paying by the weight of what you choose, and perhaps that practice helps people choose smaller portions, but somehow I doubt it. In this country, buffet smorgasbord customers typically pile all they can onto their plate. Over-eating is a popular pass-time, I'm afraid.

  7. We often used to go out for Sunday brunch but they have really lost the special quality in the last several years.
    They used to be special and fancy and you paid well for them. Now they are steamer racks full of sub-par food.
    I am sure in Rome they are much better but of course I think everything there is.

  8. oooh yum!!! Loved the photos

  9. Oh, I would love to try this too. Looks like I'd be enjoying the food. Thanks for following my blog Eleonora and I've added you on my list too so I could see your updates and visit you. Have a wonderful day.

  10. I love your pictures. They are fantastic. But, now I am hungry : ) Man! : ) Happy new Year! So nice to visit!

  11. Love it! I'm one of those people whose eyes are bigger than their appetite so I'm sure I would be in trouble.

  12. If you pay by the weight of your food, I would skip the potato and pile on some extra shrimp or crab.

  13. Randy~ Thank you, it is a lovely place.
    Chuck P~ Folks here are still not very used to this kind of service. All-U-can-eat is looked upon with suspicion. Brunch is still very American (therefore considered very exotic!) so no one really over-indulges.
    LoriE~ Quality is good, seasonal and local. The only truly out of place item were the pancakes!
    Sonya~ Yum is right!
    AFV~ Thank you so much!
    Life w/ Kaishon~ Thank you! Then you should come grab a bite to eat at my other blog Aglio, Olio & Peperoncino
    Unknown Mami~ I'm like you... always in trouble.
    Dave~ That's what I do, streer clear of the farro salad and go straight for the smoked salmon!

    Ciao and again thanks for your comments!

  14. That is my kind of place! Thanks for sharing your city.

    Happy new year!

  15. Joanna~ I missed you in that previus batch of thank yous! Glad you enjoyed it. Ciao

  16. That really looks like a great place and I like the idea of weighing the food and paying for what you take. I never go to all-you-can-eat buffets here because I don't eat a lot of food and never get my money's worth!

  17. Great pics! I can never control myself at the buffet..I think I am hungrier than I really am and end up wtih way too much food!

  18. Love the photos with the movement - really shows the liveliness of the place. The display of food is marvellous, yumm.

  19. You have a very nice and interesting blog!! ;-)
    I am now your follower number 51.....
    I look forward to see and hear more from ROMA.

  20. Hola Eleonora,
    Roma es una bella ciudad que visita tu blog y me invito a hacer

  21. I'm feeling hungry. :)

    What a good idea to charge by weight - stops the piggies from going nuts (not that I know any, you understand)!! ;)

  22. Welcome new friends!

    Lois~ You don't eat a lot? You need to come to Rome, we must change that! :)
    Peterson Family~ Me too!
    Tash~ Thank you! It was a very busy place.
    Gunn White~ Thank you Mr.51! I'm looking forward to it too!
    Johhny~ Mi Español es de nivel muy bajo! Gracias por su visita!
    Angelcel~ I am the ultimate piggy!


  23. Love these photos of real folks in a real day. Thanks L.


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