Friday, January 8, 2010


Rione I

The Suburra is the modern Italian name for a neighborhood of Rome, also known as Rione Monti; it is Rome's oldest district, a patchwork of ancient Roman, Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque and other architectural styles that cover 2,500 years of history. In Antiquity, the Suburra was a dangerous, seedy lower class area that was also notorious as a red-light district. There were however also dwellings of more distinguished families, and this is shown by the fact that Julius Caesar was born here.
La Suburra lies in the dip between the southern end of the Viminale and the western end of the Esquiline hill, the Quirinale and the Colle Oppio.


  1. "Suburra" We learn many thing a day! Thank You

  2. Ah, the root of suburbia. Much classier than what we find in our US suburbs, though.

  3. Thank you guys for stopping by, I am so happy!

    Chuck C~ Thank YOU, chef.
    Chuck P~ Latin is such a great language.


  4. Now, that is something I should remember. Great structures here Eleonora, have a happy weekend to you!

  5. WOW ! SUPER PHOTOS !!!! I don't believe it !!! :)

  6. Thank you for taking the time to leave your comments!
    AFV~ Happy you like it. Happy weekend to you too!
    Adam Burek~ Your enthusiasm is overwhelming! Thank you!!

  7. Really interesting... I had never heard of the word Suburra before...

  8. Great reflection!
    Gena @ thinking aloud
    a photoblog


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