Saturday, July 21, 2012


The macrame lace Cruciani bracelet has been the 'it' accessory of the season, and I learned that the stellar record sales saved the company, which was facing bankruptcy before designer Luca Caprai invented the simple cotton wrist toy.

Originally sold in the flagship Forte dei Marmi Cruciani store, the needlework mania item can now be found virtually everywhere, from clothing stores to boutiques worldwide, and is popular with everyone, even celebrities wear it on the red carpet.

Four trendy designs: Quadrifoglio is the original fortune ushering line of 7 four leaf clovers; Chiave e Lucchetto is a his/hers lock and key; Drago is a limited edition celebrating the 2012 year of the dragon; and the ever-loved Cuore hearts.

I have been a little out of luck lately, so I decided to get a lucky Cruciani bracelet. I went with fire engine red between the choice of 28 different colors. Do you like it?


  1. Hello Eleonora,
    Colorful they are...
    I like the meaning of a key hole in the hearts lock!!
    All the best, Chuck

  2. Mia amica, you and your son had a great vacation. You saw whales. (I've never seen whales.) You are working your a__ off to make things work out, and I will never under-rate your efforts. The world economy is a b..... let's just say a challenge, but we love you. I don't know: my "luck" has been avoiding catastrophes and even death. I've given up on "luck". I yam what I yam. We keep on pushin'. Your photographic talent is amazing and I am jealous. Luck don't mean jack. We push, we go. Ciao, bella.

  3. Hi, where can you get the cruciani bracelets in rome?

    1. I buy mine in a children's shoe store called Age d'Or, but boutiques, jewelers, watch stores and big department stores carry them. Or you can check the website for the closest sale spot, they have a store locator!


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